Fitted slinky beaded mermaid dress with a sheer halter neckline, embroidered in a geometric pattern with various sheer cutouts and crystal accents

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This dress is made-to-order, which means that it is made specially for you based on our standard sizes. All brides also have the option to customize their GALA dresses. Please contact a boutique near you for more information.

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Collection no. Vl - Galia Lahav - G-110
Collection no. Vl - Galia Lahav - G-110
Collection no. Vl - Galia Lahav - G-110


Behind The Scenes of The Gala No.VI Campaign

Have you ever woken from a dream so fanciful – yet so vivid – that you immediately missed the dazzling world you were just in? Well, the latest campaign from Galia Lahav draws you into a realm of surrealist decadence. A land where giant glittering wildlife and airborne dew drops are the norms and the GL bride is the stowaway in a beautiful dress. The dress, of course, looks fit to be in this new world thanks to its sublime beauty. It is just one of a few dresses that exist purely to empower and embolden women through exquisitely refined design.

Behind The Scenes of The GALA No. VI Campaign
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