Bohemian strapless chiffon “Juliet” dress with an inside hidden corset, double layered bodice, front slit and long chiffon detachable sleeves.

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This dress is made-to-order, which means that it is made specially for you based on our standard sizes. All brides also have the option to customize their GALA dresses. Please contact a boutique near you for more information.

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Collection no. lll - Galia Lahav - Gala 806
Collection no. lll - Galia Lahav - Gala 805

GALA Collection No. III

Welcome To The World of GALA Collection No. III

GALA No.III is inspired by the Bohemian unconventional lifestyle and is dedicated to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. As Fellini knew his way in blending fantasy, baroque images and earthiness, so is our whimsical collection; You’ll find a handful of fabrics, silhouettes and laces that redefine the term “wedding outfits”. The “bohemians,” also known as the dreamers, were known for pursuing a musical, artistic and literary livelihood. The collection is suited for adventurers and aspiring brides-to-be that seek a fashion ‘arcane enlightenment’.

Galia Lahav - Gala

GALA by Galia Lahav

What is a GALA dress?

GALA is our made-to-order bridal line, that caters to brides who prefer dresses that are chic and soft. In our GALA collections, lightweight, delicate and "balletic" silks are paired with the house's renowned trademarked hand-made embroideries, using special techniques developed by Galia herself. GALA is designed for brides who gravitate towards dresses that are fashionable and current. All brides have the option to custom-make their GALA dress.

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